Czech Football Association Logo — The Football Association of the Czech Republic ( FACR ) (in Czech : České asociace Fotbalová republiky ) is the agency responsible for the organization of football in the Czech Republic , based in Prague . It was founded in 1901 and affiliated to FIFA since 1907 . In 1954 was one of the founding associations of UEFA . Responsible for the organization of the League and Cup in the Czech Republic and the parties of the Czech team in their ranks.The Czech Federation was created in 1901 to organize football in the historic regions of Bohemia and Moravia (territories that make up the current Czech Republic ), which then formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire .

Czech Football Association Logo

Czech Football Association Logo

The first was the Czech club Slavia , founded in Prague in 1892 . In 1896 the Cercle Sculling Český organized the first round robin of the Kingdom of Bohemia. A year later, another club, the SK Slavia Praha held its own tournament, the championship of the Lands of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Finally, clubs obtaron to create a body responsible for organizing the national football. Thus was born on October 19th of 1901 , in Prague , the Český svaz footballový (CSF) (in Spanish : Czech Football Federation , also referred to as Bohemian Football Association ). Thirteen clubs attended the historic meeting: SK Slavia , Sparta , SK Praha Meteor VIII, KS Union, KS Olympia Praha VII Horymír FK, FK Mala Strana, Hradčanský SK, SK Vyšehrad, LK Česká vlajka, SK Košíře Olympia, CAFC Královské Vinohrady, AFK Karlin, SK Pilsen, Plzeň and AC FK Roudnice Union. The captain of Slavia Prague , Karel Freja, was elected the first president.

In 1903 a Czech national team played its first international match as a selection of Bohemia . The rival was Hungary , which by then was also part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire . Until 1908 , Bohemia played a total of seven international matches, one against England and the rest in front of their Hungarian neighbors.

In 1905 the Slavia Prague joined the newly formed FIFA , prior to the application by the Czech federation. Bohemia was accepted as a provisional member of FIFA in 1906 and a year later became a full member, despite not to be an independent state. This led the opposition of German and especially Austrian, who defend its territorial unity, considered the Austrian Federation was the only international body that could represent the Austro-Hungarian Empire . After a year of pressure and threats of boycott, Bohemia was expelled from FIFA in 1908 , at the international congress held precisely in Austria .

Domestically, friction soon arose between the various regions making up the CSF football. The Federation wanted the League of Bohemia was disputed by the various regional champions, while in Prague champion Central Bohemia is automatically considered national champion. The first competition organized by the CSF was Dobrocinnosti Pohar (in Spanish : Charity Cup ) which started in 1906 and the teams involved only Prague and its surroundings. In 1918 the Pohar Dobrocinnosti gave way to Středočeský Pohar (in Spanish : Central Bohemia Cup ), again limited to the clubs of Central Bohemia . Finally, the CSF established the first championship of the national league season 1911/12. The tournament was played until 1917 discontinuously, because of the First World War .

After the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the birth of Czechoslovakia , the CSF became Czechoslovak Football Federation (CSSF) (in Czech : Československý Svaz Footballový ).