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Rockstar Energy drink (founded in 1998) went to battle head-to-head with the energy drink leader at the time, Red Bull. It’s main marketing push was that the can (16oz instead of 8oz like Red Bull) was that you get twice the drink for the same price. The campaign proved to be successful and Rockstar quickly became one of the three biggest energy drinks in North America.

rockstar energy drink logo


To appeal to a younger crowd, the company often hosts popular extreme sporting events and concerts. Perhaps the most popular one put on by Rockstar is the Mayhem Festival which is a metal and rock tour that travels through the USA in July and August. More

Qdoba Logo

Qdoba (pronounced q-doba) is a mexican fast-casual restaurant owned by Jack In The Box. There are several large competitors in this specific industry including Chipotle Mexican grill who is owned by fast food giant, McDonald’s. They offer Mexican style cuisine including burritos, quesadillas, Mexican gumbo, and tacos. The company was first opened in Denver Colorado and in it’s first year it brought in revenues over $1.5 million!

Qdoba logo wallpaper

qdoba logo wallpaper


The logo itself conveys a fun and informal message by use of a paint brush like trade mark. The cactus logo is a reference to the typical desert-like, cactus studded terrain of the country of Mexico. The words Mexican Grill are written in all caps and are much more formal than the Qdoba trade mark. Most likely this is to convey the message that the restaurant is a level above a fast-food restaurant and it is suitable for more formal would-be patrons. More

Guinness Logo

Guinness is one of the most well recognized global beer brands as well as one of the most successful beer companies of all time. It is an Irish dry stout that is specifically known for its burnt flavor which comes from roasted unmalted barley. It is also well known for its popular thick, creamy head which comes from mixing the beer with nitrogen.

guinness logo

guinness logo

The company brews its beer in 60 different countries and sells it in over 100. Although the beer was invented in Irelanad, it has been headquartered in London, England for nearly 100 years. More

Quiznos Logo

Quiznos Logo — Quiznos is a chain of restaurants from fast food specializing in sandwiches toasted submarine style . With 4,000 restaurants in the United States , is the second such franchises with more stores in the country, second only to Subway .

quiznos logo

quiznos logo

The group started from a small business. In 1978 , a businessman named Terrell Braly took over a building in Denver where it settled an old gas station, which became a restaurant sandwiches called Sandwich World . The store manager, Hussain Jaffarie, preparing submarine sandwiches andsnacks tostándolos in an oven for pizzas . More

Amstel Brewery Logo

Amstel Brewery Logo — Amstel Brewery or Beer Amstel , best known as Amstel , is a Dutch dedicated to the manufacture of beer . It was founded in 1870 and is one of the most consumed beer in the Netherlands, along with the famous brand Heineken . In 1870, started under the name of Beiersche Bierbrouwerij Amstel , to change the name of Amstel Beer.

Amstel beer Logo

Amstel beer Logo

The manufacturer of beer was first opened when the river Amstel was the ideal river for cooling the product, because their water was frozen. And so later this beer has been consumed in Great Britain and Indonesia , specifically in 1883 . Amstel has also launched its products and Amstel Lager, Amstel Light and the most consumed brand is the Amstel 1870 , which took the first steps of manufacturing the liquid. More

Maggi Logo

Maggi Logo — Maggi is a brand from the company Nestlé specializing in the development of instant soup , soups , ketchups and instant noodles . The company was founded by the Maggi family in Switzerland in the year 1872 , and merged with Nestlé later in the year 1947 . The founder of the company was Julius Maggibecame a pioneer of the food industry. The company’s flagship product was the Maggi seasoning ( Maggi-Würze ), served in small bottles that had a similarity with the soy sauce .

maggi logo

maggi logo

In Spain during the civil war only served their products to the national side, because from the Republican side were unable to get a contract. This is why the birth of the company Gallina Blanca on this side and then to rival it Starlux . (Justus, Baron von Liebig, Darmstadt, now Germany, 1803-Munich, 1873) German chemist who pioneered organic chemistry, the biochemistry and agricultural chemistry, and is therefore considered one of the most eminent scientists of the nineteenth century. He received his Ph.D. in 1822 from the University of Erlangen. A disciple of Gay-Lussac in Paris, was later a professor at the universities of Giessen and Munich. In Giessen revolutionized the teaching of chemistry and created one of the most prestigious research schools.His first significant discovery, the isomerism (different compounds with the same molecular formula), was made ​​with the help of F. Wöhler. He later developed a theory of chemical radicals, and developed a process for the preparation of meat extracts. Interested in chemical issues related to agriculture, in 1840 published a seminal work for the further development of these issues: organic chemistry and its application to agriculture and physiology. More