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Airbnb ( is an online market place that allows host users to make their own homes available to travelling guests. The pace that it grew at in it’s initial five years was quite remarkable. It now has over three million lodging listings available across the globe as the site is now in its eighth year of operation.

airbnb main logo

The airbnb logo is very simple and extremely easy to recognize. It uses a single color throughout and is easily identified by either part of its logo; both the symbol/icon and the text can be used interchangeably and it still has a strong brand recognition.

Small airbnb logo

Perhaps one of the best parts about the airbnb logo design is that the symbol is vague enough that it can be left to interpretation. It somewhat resembles a dwelling place like a hut or teepee but it is not immediately obvious as to what it must represent. Still, it has become one of the most recognized brands on the Internet today. The logo also looks great in different colors or used a wallpaper for a computer or tablet.

airbnb wallpaper


airbnb alternative logo


Uber Logo

Based out of San Francisco, California, Uber shook up the transportation industry by connecting drivers to customers via a smartphone app. The service is now used in over 200 cities world wide and has invited many copy-cats to the scene.

Uber Wallpaper

Originally, Uber only offered luxury black cars as they were targeting a specific clientele at some of the most upscale cities across the globe. They now offer three different tiers of service but have retained their original black car service. For example, if one were required to show up at a pristine business meeting, it might look odd or even bad taste to arrive in a yellow taxi, but showing up in a classy black car with a private driver speaks an entirely different message. It was a market that had been completely untapped up until Uber arrived on the scene. More

Windows 8 Logo

One of the most recognized logos in the modern world and certainly the most recognized logo in the tech industry has recently undergone a pretty major over haul. It is the Microsoft Windows logo. In a huge marketing campaign, Microsoft has re-branded many of its products to a newer, flatter logo that matches the style of the new Windows 8 operating System.

windows 8 logo

Windows 8 Logo

The same basic elements of the old logo still exist and have almost always included the red, green, blue, and yellow shapes that abstractly represent a real window (this is known as skeumorphism in design terms). Much like its biggest competitor, Apple, the two companies have always taken a more literal approach with their logos and have chosen to represent their brands with real objects rather than an abstract concept which has become more popular today in the tech industry. More Logo is a public traded company that mainly develops massive online multi-player games in China. Their logo is bright and bold and is easily remembered.


The company is listed on the NASDAQ as CYOU and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as 0CYA. The company’s stock has not been listed publicly very long but at the time of this writing has been performing very well. The company began as an internal business unit of and became their own separate company in 2007. Since that time the stock on the NASDAQ has increased over 50%. More

United Technologies Logo

United Technologies Corporation is a publicly traded technology company and it is one of the biggest in the world. It employs nearly 200,000 people worldwide! It’s main source of business is jet engines and helicopters, making it the largest military contractor in the world. UTC is the maker of the famous Black Hawk helicopter.

united technologies logo

united technologies logo


Samsung Galaxy S III Logo

Samsung Galaxy S III Logo — The Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-i9300) is a smartphone Android announced by Samsung on May 3, 2012 in London. It is the successor to theSamsung Galaxy S II . This device goes on sale in Europe on May 29, 2012, delayed his departure until June in other countries like the United States or India.

samsung galaxy s3 logo

samsung galaxy s3 logo

The device will be available in 2 colors: ” White Marble “and” Stone Blue “with many new features both in the field of software, and accessories.Among the innovations we have, Stay Smart (the screen stays on while the user turns to look at it), Direct Call (which allows the user to call a person whose text messages are currently on the screen by simply picking up the phone to ear), Pop Up Play (Lets have a video screen while doing other things, as a floating window), S Voice , Buddy Photo Sharing , Share Allcast Dongle , Cast Group (document sharing), wireless charging (with accessory) , S Pebble MP3 player , C-Pen , housing super-thin … The terminal will be available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and 50 GB extra space on the online service Dropbox for 2 years, doubling the capacity offered by HTC ‘s (25 GB for 2 years). It is currently the best Android smartphone market. More