, also known as Ask Jeeves is a search engine of Internet . It is part of the company InterActive Corporation , founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley , California . The original program was implemented by Gary Chevsky based on your own. The first investor was the Roda Group. has a wide variety of websites. In addition to covers for various countries including UK , Italy , Germany , Japan , Netherlands and Spain also has the version of Ask for Kids, as well as Teoma , Excite,,, Bloglines and other thematic portals. Due to the combined traffic from all web sites, was one of the ten companies with more visits in the U.S. in September 2004.

ask logo

ask logo was originally known as Ask Jeeves, where Jeeves is the name of a steward , whose avatar was drawn by Mark Sorenson , who was looking for answers to any questions. The Jeeves character was largely based on the novel Butler’s character Bertie Wooster . The idea that led to Ask Jeeves is to allow users to get answers to questions asked by others in natural language . Over time and due to the increasing efficiency of search engines like Google , Ask Jeeves began to lose users, but modified its technology to accept the search by keyword, so that other search engines Ask Jeeves used to find answers. However, as is slow to index all your pages, do not suffer from spam and other major search engines online . More