Airbnb ( is an online market place that allows host users to make their own homes available to travelling guests. The pace that it grew at in it’s initial five years was quite remarkable. It now has over three million lodging listings available across the globe as the site is now in its eighth year of operation.

airbnb main logo

The airbnb logo is very simple and extremely easy to recognize. It uses a single color throughout and is easily identified by either part of its logo; both the symbol/icon and the text can be used interchangeably and it still has a strong brand recognition.

Small airbnb logo

Perhaps one of the best parts about the airbnb logo design is that the symbol is vague enough that it can be left to interpretation. It somewhat resembles a dwelling place like a hut or teepee but it is not immediately obvious as to what it must represent. Still, it has become one of the most recognized brands on the Internet today. The logo also looks great in different colors or used a wallpaper for a computer or tablet.

airbnb wallpaper


airbnb alternative logo