Forever 21 is a privately held apparel company based out of the Fashion District in Los Angeles, California. It is an incredible story how they started out with just one single store in Los Angeles in 1984 and now operate nearly 500 stores both in the USA and abroad.

Forever 21 Logo

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The company was founded by Christian owners and has taken criticism in the United States for their unashamed Christian stance as well as Christian words/phrases printed on some of their products. Possibly due to this and many other factors, Forever 21 faced a slew of employee lawsuits and copyright allegations but after all was said and done, none of them ever stuck.


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Forever 21 continues to be successful today because the offer fashionable designer-like apparel at very inexpensive prices. The retailer was originally called Fashion 21 and their main target market was Korean women in California. Things have changed immensely for the company in 30 years. To this day the owners do not have a reason or clear meaning behind the name Forever 21.

Forever 21 Alternate Logo

Forever 21 Alternate Logo