Based out of San Francisco, California, Uber shook up the transportation industry by connecting drivers to customers via a smartphone app. The service is now used in over 200 cities world wide and has invited many copy-cats to the scene.

Uber Wallpaper

Originally, Uber only offered luxury black cars as they were targeting a specific clientele at some of the most upscale cities across the globe. They now offer three different tiers of service but have retained their original black car service. For example, if one were required to show up at a pristine business meeting, it might look odd or even bad taste to arrive in a yellow taxi, but showing up in a classy black car with a private driver speaks an entirely different message. It was a market that had been completely untapped up until Uber arrived on the scene.

Uber Green Logo


The Uber logo itself is quite fascinating work really. In the simplest way, it is just a “U” featured on a geometric square. However, the message delivered by the design communicates a route as if it were drawn on a map with a beginning and ending destination. The white bordered box also makes the logo feel as if it were being displayed on a smartphone screen. Overall a really fantastic logo.

Uber Logo Banner