Oceania Football Confederation Logo — The Oceania Football Confederation (in English , Oceania Football Confederation ), also known by its acronym OFC is the confederation of national associations of football in Oceania . This is the highest body of the sport on the continent and one of the six confederations belonging to the FIFA . It was founded in 1966 and headquartered in Auckland , New Zealand . The organized OFC Nations Cup OFC of and the qualifying tournament for the World Cup . As well as the Champions League OFC giving a ticket to the FIFA Club World Cup .

OFC logo

Oceania Football Confederation Logo

It is recognized as the weakest of the 6 associated with FIFA . In only 4 global ocean there was a team, Australia in 1974 and 2006 and New Zealand in 1982 and 2010 . Although Australia in 2006 belonged to the AFC , was ranked the world in qualifying for the OFC , so it computes the Oceania Football Confederation.

The best result was Australian, which in 2006 reached the second round. While in his other appearance and two in New Zealand, Oceania representatives never passed the group stage. This is a clear example of the low level of the continent, another fact that highlights this is that Australia and New Zealand played 13 matches and won only one world (Australia in 2006). However, New Zealand was the only team to not lose any match in the World Cup in South Africa 2010 equaling his three appearances. Because of this, is the only confederation without the right to an annual direct World Cup.

Regarding the continental level, there is a clear difference between New Zealand and the rest of the continent. The All Whites are the only members of the OFC to have a title in the Cup OFC Nations , something similar happens in the Under-20 and U-17. In women’s football, the New Zealand domain is complete, which is the only country that could get a degree in women’s competition of the 14 members of the Oceania Football Confederation. In football is the dominant light selected from the Solomon Islands since the Australia leg of the AFC won all the titles that were played in beach soccer the Solomon Islands and Tahiti compete for continental power. As for club level, only one team outside Australia and New Zealand, the United Hekari of Papua New Guinea achieved a championship in the O-League .

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Old OFC Logo